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Wordpress layout -vs- Kubrick -vs- Atthe404, a newbie perspective

WP I have been doing this WP thing for about 2 months now. Over that time I have learned to decipher WP’s style CSS and index.php to get some good customizations out. But it took a lot of deciphering. I can honestly say from newbie experience that customizing WP styles in its current form is painful. Apparently the WP community knows this but it is the law of the land for now.

Then comes Kubrick with a graphical template for Wordpress. For newbies this is great because in essence in order to customize, you can just alter the graphic and not have to touch the code too much. The WP community also ate up its sleek clean look. The Kubrick template as made such a wave that it is being considered for placement in WP 1.3

Now here is my interpreted version of the Kubrick problem. Kubrick from what I read, goes against the very soul of WP is trying to achieve; visually pleasing results through coding instead of graphics. But the coding is whats giving WP newbies ulcers. So the Kubrick debate rages on.

Now, at the same token, atthe404, starring Root, decided to do something about the WP style coding mess by creating his own styles that suppose to be much cleaner code and newbie friendly. From this, however, came the taste test from the WP elite. Matt, the developer of WP, stated that the atthe404 interfaces were fundamentally flawed and have useability issues. Because of this, a “debate” has occurred between the WP elite and Root over which coding is cleaner, less flawed and easier to use. And somehow, depending on which forum you read, Kubrick has become synonymous with Root (see forum)

Here is my newbie take on Root and atthe404 -vs- WP: This issue still comes down to newbies learning the CSS and index.php A pure newbie at CSS and PHP will have problems with all versions of WP styles. The solution is somehow coming with the best way to teach newbies the WP coding fundamentals so we newbies can hit the Wordpress ground running.

I say all of my ramblings above to say this: There are pluses and minus to all these methods on this road to Wordpress perfecction today. Let’s bury this beef and stay on track for the true purpose of WP 1.3; to make it cleaner and easier to use.

Holla at the kid WPers :grin:

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