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WordPress Designs

I have found that WordPress is a GREAT package. Easy to use and install. Easy to maintain. But I have found the main problem with WordPress for newbies…… FINDING GOOD DESIGNS TO DOWNLOAD! WP’ers keep their deisgns very tight to the hip so newbies are stuck with the basic crap designs.:evil:
So I have been on a quest to find those rare WP-ers that have deisgns to offer us newbies. Here is my list thus far. You will find that it is a short list :cry:

Alex King
Weblog Tools Collection
Neil Turner
Binary Bonsai
atthe404 - Gemini
atthe404 - Trident
McChris Though I have not ever been able to get these templates working on Wordpress 1.2. Anyone with luck with McChris-WordPress 1.2 please holla at a noob.

I am off to customize. If you know of others that share, please…. drop a noob a line! :wink:

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