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Tabs, CSS and WordPress

I always liked tabs in websites. Yes, they are unnecessary, but for me, they add that extra “look”:smile:
So once again, I ventured on my Google quest for ‘tabs wordpress’. Did the normal reading and testing and crashing and burning becuase I was learning CSS on the fly. I found out that tabs had nothing to do with WordPress and everything to with CSS coding. So I knew I had to find a simple examples that I could learn from and not get lost in the process. I found simple tab navigation examples on Keith Devens’ blog.
I read over Dive into Mark’s Pure CSS tabs and Clagnut’s CSS-driven tabs. In Mark’s version, you have to edit both the css and the php pages if you want it fully functional for every link you add/subtract. In Clagnut’s version, only editting the php pages are necessary for every link you add/subtract and it is a slightly simpler script. Therefore I went with Clagnut:smile:

My example is here

Try and enjoy both!

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