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Plugin added: Show Hide “more” with WordPress

Scriptygoddess has what is suppose to be a no-brainer to contracting and expanding your post.

NEWBIES: You will get lost on this onebecause a very important component is assumed that you know how to use and not mentioned in the plugin instructions.. the use of the(more) function in WordPress admin:!:
I had struggled with installing this plugin for over 30 minutes trying to get it up and running. I kept re-reading Scriptygoddess instructions but never getting exacting how you make the plugin work. :oops:

Finally I crashed the comments for the plugin and found Joseph Scott’s writeup of the plugin. :shock: The stupidity gates were bashed and VIOLA… instant gratification :mrgreen:

The plugin, once working, in great for keeping your posts short and clean looking.

Read about and Download

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