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Plugin added: psnGallery 1.2.2 for Coppermine

Installation for psnGallery 1.2.2 was straightforward, but its execution was not! Once again, a newbie is floundering trying to figure out how a plugin work:evil:
After a half hour of reading and rereading the instructions and crashing the site for answers, I hit my good friend Google for answer. I was finally able to pull up POST TAG usage instructions from his orignal website that fully described who/what/when/where/why/how of the psngallery2 1.0 Why did he not include these instructions in updated versions:?:
Is it just assumed the same people are using his plugin and no one new would venture to try it out :evil:

Here are the post tags, if for nobody but my own sanity. Read the updated versions of the software for the latest tags that have been added and its usage will make much more sense to you now:!:

Developers and Programmers: PLEASE STOP ASSUMING YOU ARE WORKING WITH YOUR NORMAL CROWD. Let’s assume there are newbies out there and make these instructions a little more complete and in one place for every version.

DA Williams

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