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My Email Notification Plugin Experience

First off, Brian Groce gave excellent support on his plugin. He worked with me with a WIMP (Windows-IIS-MySQL-PHP) setup, with is not supported by him normally.

Downloaded Email Notification 1.0 and installed as instructed.

However, when executed and I tried to confirm email, I would get a page not found error. So I hit the Groce site for possible solutions and found others had this problem. Brian contacted me after I posted and that night I had version 1.1 to install and try. Version 1.1 still did not work for me so I had scrapped plans on using the plugin and instead went to Bloglet for email notification. I emailed Brain stated I would wait until a more stable version for me came out. The next afternoon, I had version 1.2 in my hands. That one did not work either. Meanwhile, I had a bear of a time getting Bloglet to work (I finally did get Bloglet to work and I documented it here). During this time of two days I was figuring out Bloglet, EN versions 1.3 and 1.4 were released. I also found out via Google search during this time that IIS does NOT allow the passing of HTTP variables by default. To resolve this, you have to turn on AllowPathInfoForScriptMappings by doing the folowing:

Change to the following directory (depending on platform):
Windows 2000: Drive:inetpubadminscripts
Windows NT 4: Drive:winntsystem32inetsrvadminsamples

Type the following:

  • adsutil set w3svc/AllowPathInfoForScriptMappings True (Sets at Master Properties Level)
  • adsutil set w3svc/1/AllowPathInfoForScriptMappings True (Sets at WebSite Level)
  • So, with the above correction done, I installed version 1.4 first as an upgrade with no results. At the advise of Brian I installed again from scratch and I got partial results. It would subscribe someone and write to MySQL, but it would not send any emails. I checked my email server and saw that EN was sending email as me@localhost.com and it was being rejected. Since I figured this would not be related to the plugin itself, I went back to Google for answers. I discovered that EN depends on php.ini. It takes the email address configured in php.ini and uses it as a relay agent at the email server.

    The default mail config in php.ini is:

    [mail function]
    ; For Win32 only.
    SMTP = localhost

    ;sendmail_from = me@localhost.com

    ; For Unix only. You may supply arguments as well (default: “sendmail -t -i”).
    ;sendmail_path =

    In order to not open my email server to open relay attack and possible blacklisting, I created a single account and gave it specific permission to relay. Then I went to my php.ini, found the line:

    ;sendmail_from = me@localhost.com

    and configured it with the email address I just created. That was it. Email Notification 1.4 worked fully now on WIMP.

    But I had to break it again with an experiment.
    In EN, you can now tell it to use permalinks when it emails notices, so I turned that on. When submitted an email addy and received my confirm link, CRASH….. page not found. Upon trial and error I found that IIS can handle HTTP permalink formatting but….
    IIS cannot pass variables in a link using HTTP permalinks. It assumes that the link itself is a page. So once I turned off permalinks in the EN plugin and its index.php file, all returned to working normally.

    That was my experience, all in a week’s time. Where’s the alcohol?

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