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Add image gallery to Wordpress

A client wanted a photo gallery added to their WP site I created and maintained. Since it is not integrated into WP yet, I hit Google gods for answers. I was banging my head around with javascript galleries and galleries such as Exhibit, but they just did not fit the look I had build for the site. Then I came across SPG (simple php gallery) and said finally, the solution! :mrgreen: I knew I was speaking to soon when I said it:sad:….. not compatible with WP 1.5 out of the box. I wanted to integrate SPG into my theme. I spent two days trying to figure out how to make it work before I bowed to the Google gods again for devine guidance. And behold, a scroll of wisdom was bestowed upon me :shock:… Shayne Sweeney with the 4 step tutorial to integrate SPG into your WP 1.5 theme. Cruised along, followed the steps, got the gallery integrated when I noticed that it completely screwed up the sidebar in IE :mad: So I hit the WP forum for a solution to find that no one had a true answer because it was theme dependent. So after using my CSS/PHP novice skills, I finally got SPG integrated into my WP 1.5 theme by all enclosing the the SPG code in the theme’s

code, some visual customization and done.

Here is the final product.

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