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Chalk one for Palm

Palm vs. Pocket PCIn my line of business, I have to support both Palm and Pocket PC PDA’s. I even own one of each. While each have their own set of features and pros/cons, the Palm has one major advantage over the Pocket PC…. data retention.

When the Palm gets to the point where it is critical on battery, it will shutdown and not allow you to use it until you recharge it. This is to ensure that your data is retained and safe.

Pocket PC uses a CMOS battery to help retain data in addition to its regular battery. This is suppose to safeguard against data loss due to a dead battery. However, time and again when the regular battery is low or dead, the CMOS battery VERY SHORTLY follows, resulting in the loss of all data on the Pocket PC. This is a major liability for Pocket PC and it must be addressed in future versions.

Until then, I will live and die by Palm! :mrgreen:

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