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Plugin added: Recent Posts to sidebar

I deployed the addition code to index.php:

by Joe Crawford A simpler way to do this (I have it working under Word Press 1.2) is to use get_archives - to get an unordered list of the 5 most recent posts I use:

< ?php get_archives('postbypost','5'); ? >

There is also a Recent Post Hack.

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My Email Notification Plugin Experience

First off, Brian Groce gave excellent support on his plugin. He worked with me with a WIMP (Windows-IIS-MySQL-PHP) setup, with is not supported by him normally.

Downloaded Email Notification 1.0 and installed as instructed.
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WordPress Permalink formatting and WIMP

First off, thanks goes to Frank Cornwell for having what I found to be the only full documentation on how to setup WordPress on WIMP (Windows-IIS-MySQL-PHP). I only present this blog to add to his work on Permalink formatting, which is item #6
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Setting up Bloglet with WordPress

There is absolutely no documentation on this so I am documenting my trial and errors.

Most important is that you have permalinks on and operating in WordPress (read how here). Without permalinks, Bloglet will not grab data and thus will not send out emails.

After you subscribe to Bloglet and login, you will be asked to configure a site. You perform the following:

weblog title: (name of your site)
weblog url: (url of your site)
weblog id: (leave blank)
username: (leave blank)
password: (leave blank)
server: (yourblog.com/wp-rss.php)
weblog type: (RSS)
enabled (check)
hide this blog (uncheck)
email setting (set to your liking)

Test your connect and Save.

Happy emailing :)

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The Choice

Now that I had my choices down, I had to pick one. They had to meet the follow criteria:

  • Can be installed on Windows 2000 Server
  • Can work with IIS5
  • Had to be relatively easy to insall and use
  • Had to look good
  • I installed b2Evolution first. It’s installation documentation was straight forward and easy. I already has PHP4 and MySQL4 installed (those installation processes will be in another blog!). b2Evolution was up and running in about 10 minutes. It had all it advertised and flowed nicely. but something about it just was not sitting well with me, so I tried the next package.

    I installed WordPress next (and last). First off, I was impressed that it had its installation online instead of a read file. The site had a much cleaner look and was less cluttered with over-information. WordPress has a very similar installation to b2Evolution and I was up and running in anout 10 minutes again. After running WordPress and comparing it to b2Evolution, my choice was clear.

    WordPress, quite simply has a cleaner look and feel than b2Evolution. Its documentation and examples, though few by some standards, was excellent for me and I crash it almost daily! WordPress has more crisp and professional feeling templates and skins, the most important feature in this evaluation for me. That was an absolute must since I would be potentially building parts of professional site with blogs.

    That’s it. now to learn css and PHP :)

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    Why join the bandwagon…

    Well, long story short, I was looking for an easy way to host a website as a favor to my fraternity and be able to turn over maintenance and updates. So I looked to weblogs…… BLOGS!

    First I had to read up on blog software. I did a google search on weblogs compare and came up with this great site:


    From there I was able to narrow my blogware to two:

  • b2Evolution
  • WordPress
  • I found that I needed to install MySQL in my server to get blogs to work, so I embarked on that venture first (to be explain in another blog). Once i knocked that task out, it was time to evaluate the products.

    Next….. THE CHOICE

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    Backing up and Restoring MySQL

    Yet another MySQL primer for us MySQL dummies :)

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    MySQL for dummies primer

    Installing MYSQL on Windows was easy. Learning the commands was also easy using this MySQL primer from WebDevelopersNotes.com.

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    Reciprocal Links

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