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Site stats using AWStats

AwstatsMy cleints began looking for web site stats, particularly, accurate hit counts, who visits, and the country of origin. My first thought is of course, how can set this up for free? You know I Googled my thoughts. I came up with “free services”, but that did not meet all those needs.

Then I came across AWSTATS. It provided everything I needed and more. :mrgreen: Although it is setup for UNIX and Apache and apache log files, it was no problems setting it up for IIS5 logfiles and Windows 2000 server. It has instructions on adjusting your IIS logfiles. The instructions themselves are straightforward and clear and it will take about 10 minutes for the initial setup of AWStats. The best thing is that one install can be used for multiple websites with a setup per website.

This software is also customizable with the ablility to show only certain charts, exclude files/directories from be added in the stats, and the ability to add your own logo to the header, just to name a few.

AWStats also gives you the ability to completely automate the updating of the stats. This will involve the use of the scheduler of your choice and the creation of a small batch file.

Here are my web stats for Tech Blog starting at date April 21, 2005

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