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Plugin added: psnGallery 1.2.2 for Coppermine

Installation for psnGallery 1.2.2 was straightforward, but its execution was not! Once again, a newbie is floundering trying to figure out how a plugin work:evil:
After a half hour of reading and rereading the instructions and crashing the site for answers, I hit my good friend Google for answer. I was […]

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Plugin added: Show Hide “more” with WordPress

Scriptygoddess has what is suppose to be a no-brainer to contracting and expanding your post.
NEWBIES: You will get lost on this one

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Plugin added: wpPaginate

The plugin by Scriptygoddess is designed to paginate your pages. It did take me about 10 minutes to figure out that in the < ?php wpPaginate(); ?> code I had to tell it how many posts I wanted per page :
(ie: < ?php wpPaginate(4); ?>)
But once I got passed that, it was […]

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Plugin Added: WP Grins

This plugin by Alex King allows you to put clickable smilies on your post and comments forms. Can’t remember the right syntax for one of the smilies? Just click on it and it will be inserted right into your post/comment.
Read and Download

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Plugin added: Bistr-o-mathik Image Browser

The plugin adds an “Insert Image” button to the the edit screen which opens an image browser in a popup window to select from all previously uploaded images and add the appropriate code to the post.
Some of the features:
Display images as graphics for easy selection.
You can sort images by name or by date […]

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Plugin added: Recent Posts to sidebar

I deployed the addition code to index.php:
by Joe Crawford A simpler way to do this (I have it working under Word Press 1.2) is to use get_archives - to get an unordered list of the 5 most recent posts I use:

< ?php get_archives('postbypost','5'); ? >

There is also a Recent Post Hack.

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My Email Notification Plugin Experience

First off, Brian Groce gave excellent support on his plugin. He worked with me with a WIMP (Windows-IIS-MySQL-PHP) setup, with is not supported by him normally.
Downloaded Email Notification 1.0 and installed as instructed.

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