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Custom photo gallery using Coppermine on WIMP

You know I did the necessary homework first. Since I took the paintaking task of installing MySQL, I wanted my gallery to be database driven. I compared just adding images to posts, versus using Pictorialis II versus using Coppermine.

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Setting up Bloglet with WordPress

There is absolutely no documentation on this so I am documenting my trial and errors.
Most important is that you have permalinks on and operating in WordPress (read how here). Without permalinks, Bloglet will not grab data and thus will not send out emails.
After you subscribe to Bloglet and login, you will be asked to […]

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The Choice

Now that I had my choices down, I had to pick one. They had to meet the follow criteria:
Can be installed on Windows 2000 Server
Can work with IIS5
Had to be relatively easy to insall and use
Had to look good
I installed b2Evolution first. It’s installation documentation was straight forward and easy. I already […]

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Why join the bandwagon…

Well, long story short, I was looking for an easy way to host a website as a favor to my fraternity and be able to turn over maintenance and updates. So I looked to weblogs…… BLOGS!
First I had to read up on blog software. I did a google search on weblogs […]

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