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Symantec Antivirus 8.x Corporate and Windows XP SP2

Configure your FireWall Port to work with Symantec AntiVirus
Quick Listing
Open the following ports to enable Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and LiveUpdate to work correctly:

UDP port 38293 — Intel PDS listening for ping packets
UDP port 2967 — RTVScan request to Winsock
TCP ports — 80, 21, 443 - LiveUpdate

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Microsoft To Delay Automatic XP SP2 Updates

Microsoft has announced it will delay by slightly more than a week the planned distribution of the security service pack via automatic update. Corporations, as has become clear, are in no hurry to install SP2; companies want the ability to prevent employees from downloading it in an overzealous attempt to secure their networks… (full USA […]

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Windows XP SP2 Reviews and Comments

I have been reading over Windows Xp SP2 release. The main thing at this point is that it is only avaliable for full download, which is about 266MB. It will be made available for automatic update and windows updates in the near future. The reviews at this point have been all good. […]

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