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Windows 2000 server crash and recovery

Today while in the process of getting graphics done for a client, I am told that the website I am referring is down. I had my offspring all day so I did not check my servers. Sure enough, my Windows 2000 Web server had crashed. I removed the offending CPU fan […]

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Custom photo gallery using Coppermine on WIMP

You know I did the necessary homework first. Since I took the paintaking task of installing MySQL, I wanted my gallery to be database driven. I compared just adding images to posts, versus using Pictorialis II versus using Coppermine.

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Microsoft To Delay Automatic XP SP2 Updates

Microsoft has announced it will delay by slightly more than a week the planned distribution of the security service pack via automatic update. Corporations, as has become clear, are in no hurry to install SP2; companies want the ability to prevent employees from downloading it in an overzealous attempt to secure their networks… (full USA […]

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Windows XP SP2 Reviews and Comments

I have been reading over Windows Xp SP2 release. The main thing at this point is that it is only avaliable for full download, which is about 266MB. It will be made available for automatic update and windows updates in the near future. The reviews at this point have been all good. […]

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Tabs, CSS and WordPress

I always liked tabs in websites. Yes, they are unnecessary, but for me, they add that extra “look”:smile:
So once again, I ventured on my Google quest for ‘tabs wordpress’. Did the normal reading and testing and crashing and burning becuase I was learning CSS on the fly. I found out that tabs […]

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Plugin added: psnGallery 1.2.2 for Coppermine

Installation for psnGallery 1.2.2 was straightforward, but its execution was not! Once again, a newbie is floundering trying to figure out how a plugin work:evil:
After a half hour of reading and rereading the instructions and crashing the site for answers, I hit my good friend Google for answer. I was […]

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WordPress novice born

I can proudly say that I have finally graduated from a WordPress newbie to WP novice. I have just completed my first custom blog site conisting of:
custom header graphic
custom coloring
installation of coppermine and the plugin to infuse with the site
custom CSS tabs
Only took about 40 hours
Of course writeups of all I did […]

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Tech Blog makes Wordlog

It is good to know I am being read. Tech Blog’s writeup on WordPress Permalink formatting and WIMP got a reference in Wordlog. Thanks goes to Carthik and Wordlog.
The reference can found here.

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Plugin added: Show Hide “more” with WordPress

Scriptygoddess has what is suppose to be a no-brainer to contracting and expanding your post.
NEWBIES: You will get lost on this one

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Plugin added: wpPaginate

The plugin by Scriptygoddess is designed to paginate your pages. It did take me about 10 minutes to figure out that in the < ?php wpPaginate(); ?> code I had to tell it how many posts I wanted per page :
(ie: < ?php wpPaginate(4); ?>)
But once I got passed that, it was […]

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Script added: PHP Contact Form Script

Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to…. or can’t. Here is the script from YenlyMa.
Read about and Download

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WordPress Designs

I have found that WordPress is a GREAT package. Easy to use and install. Easy to maintain. But I have found the main problem with WordPress for newbies…… FINDING GOOD DESIGNS TO DOWNLOAD! WP’ers keep their deisgns very tight to the hip so newbies are stuck with the basic crap […]

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Chalk one for Palm

In my line of business, I have to support both Palm and Pocket PC PDA’s. I even own one of each. While each have their own set of features and pros/cons, the Palm has one major advantage over the Pocket PC…. data retention.
When the Palm gets to the point where it is critical […]

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Plugin Added: WP Grins

This plugin by Alex King allows you to put clickable smilies on your post and comments forms. Can’t remember the right syntax for one of the smilies? Just click on it and it will be inserted right into your post/comment.
Read and Download

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Plugin added: Bistr-o-mathik Image Browser

The plugin adds an “Insert Image” button to the the edit screen which opens an image browser in a popup window to select from all previously uploaded images and add the appropriate code to the post.
Some of the features:
Display images as graphics for easy selection.
You can sort images by name or by date […]

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GDL for XBox - 2 years later, still a hit

I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. But if you need a cheerleader, I am it!. However, I purchased my XBox in 2002 for Halo, which is still the best game on the planet! But in April 2002 a friend of mine introduced […]

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