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Add image gallery to Wordpress

A client wanted a photo gallery added to their WP site I created and maintained. Since it is not integrated into WP yet, I hit Google gods for answers. I was banging my head around with javascript galleries and galleries such as Exhibit, but they just did not fit the look I had build for the site. Then I came across SPG (simple php gallery) and said finally, the solution! :mrgreen: I knew I was speaking to soon when I said it:sad:….. not compatible with WP 1.5 out of the box. I wanted to integrate SPG into my theme. I spent two days trying to figure out how to make it work before I bowed to the Google gods again for devine guidance. And behold, a scroll of wisdom was bestowed upon me :shock:… Shayne Sweeney with the 4 step tutorial to integrate SPG into your WP 1.5 theme. Cruised along, followed the steps, got the gallery integrated when I noticed that it completely screwed up the sidebar in IE :mad: So I hit the WP forum for a solution to find that no one had a true answer because it was theme dependent. So after using my CSS/PHP novice skills, I finally got SPG integrated into my WP 1.5 theme by all enclosing the the SPG code in the theme’s

code, some visual customization and done.

Here is the final product.

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Site stats using AWStats

AwstatsMy cleints began looking for web site stats, particularly, accurate hit counts, who visits, and the country of origin. My first thought is of course, how can set this up for free? You know I Googled my thoughts. I came up with “free services”, but that did not meet all those needs.

Then I came across AWSTATS. It provided everything I needed and more. :mrgreen: Although it is setup for UNIX and Apache and apache log files, it was no problems setting it up for IIS5 logfiles and Windows 2000 server. It has instructions on adjusting your IIS logfiles. The instructions themselves are straightforward and clear and it will take about 10 minutes for the initial setup of AWStats. The best thing is that one install can be used for multiple websites with a setup per website.

This software is also customizable with the ablility to show only certain charts, exclude files/directories from be added in the stats, and the ability to add your own logo to the header, just to name a few.

AWStats also gives you the ability to completely automate the updating of the stats. This will involve the use of the scheduler of your choice and the creation of a small batch file.

Here are my web stats for Tech Blog starting at date April 21, 2005

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Symantec Antivirus 8.x Corporate and Windows XP SP2

Configure your FireWall Port to work with Symantec AntiVirus

Quick Listing

Open the following ports to enable Symantec AntiVirus Corporate Edition and LiveUpdate to work correctly:

  • UDP port 38293 — Intel PDS listening for ping packets
  • UDP port 2967 — RTVScan request to Winsock
  • TCP ports — 80, 21, 443 - LiveUpdate

Continue reading…

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Wordpress layout -vs- Kubrick -vs- Atthe404, a newbie perspective

WP I have been doing this WP thing for about 2 months now. Over that time I have learned to decipher WP’s style CSS and index.php to get some good customizations out. But it took a lot of deciphering. I can honestly say from newbie experience that customizing WP styles in its current form is painful. Apparently the WP community knows this but it is the law of the land for now. Continue reading…

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Windows 2000 server crash and recovery

Today while in the process of getting graphics done for a client, I am told that the website I am referring is down. I had my offspring all day so I did not check my servers. Sure enough, my Windows 2000 Web server had crashed. I removed the offending CPU fan and rebooted only to run up on this error:

    windows won’t start because file missing or corrupt
    windows/system32/config/SYSTEM missing or corrupt

I spend the better part of 3 hours trying to find a solution. I could not do a dirty install because windows could not find the OS on the drive. Would not perform a clean install because I would spend 2 days getting this server back online. So I hit Google for solutions. After some floundering I found that I could copy the system file from the c:/winnt/repair folder from the recovery console. Launched repair console, tried to copy my system file, got “file cannot be copied” error. I used ERD Commander by Winternals to get into the server and copy the file, and that failed!:evil: Now I’m pissed because I think I have to do a clean install on this server. One more swipe at Google and I discovered that I did not perform a checkdisk in the recovery console :oops:

I got into the recovery console once again and ran the checkdisk command:

    chkdsk /r /p
    /p Check even if the drive is not flagged dirty, bad.

    /r Locates bad sectors and recovers readable information (implies /p).

Let that run for about 40 minutes and done :!: Server back in operation.

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Custom photo gallery using Coppermine on WIMP

You know I did the necessary homework first. Since I took the paintaking task of installing MySQL, I wanted my gallery to be database driven. I compared just adding images to posts, versus using Pictorialis II versus using Coppermine. Continue reading…

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Microsoft To Delay Automatic XP SP2 Updates

Microsoft has announced it will delay by slightly more than a week the planned distribution of the security service pack via automatic update. Corporations, as has become clear, are in no hurry to install SP2; companies want the ability to prevent employees from downloading it in an overzealous attempt to secure their networks… (full USA Today article)

In my IT conference this week, I brought up this exact issue for the clients we serve. The problem lies in the point the user can unknowingly fully open their workstations up to attack as user is given more control over virus and firewall protection. As I was stating this fact on Monday, Microsoft release the notice of the delay via email. Here is the quoted email:
Continue reading…

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Windows XP SP2 Reviews and Comments

I have been reading over Windows Xp SP2 release. The main thing at this point is that it is only avaliable for full download, which is about 266MB. It will be made available for automatic update and windows updates in the near future. The reviews at this point have been all good. The software currently includes:
Continue reading…

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Tabs, CSS and WordPress

I always liked tabs in websites. Yes, they are unnecessary, but for me, they add that extra “look”:smile:
So once again, I ventured on my Google quest for ‘tabs wordpress’. Did the normal reading and testing and crashing and burning becuase I was learning CSS on the fly. I found out that tabs had nothing to do with WordPress and everything to with CSS coding. So I knew I had to find a simple examples that I could learn from and not get lost in the process. I found simple tab navigation examples on Keith Devens’ blog.
I read over Dive into Mark’s Pure CSS tabs and Clagnut’s CSS-driven tabs. In Mark’s version, you have to edit both the css and the php pages if you want it fully functional for every link you add/subtract. In Clagnut’s version, only editting the php pages are necessary for every link you add/subtract and it is a slightly simpler script. Therefore I went with Clagnut:smile:

My example is here

Try and enjoy both!

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Plugin added: psnGallery 1.2.2 for Coppermine

Installation for psnGallery 1.2.2 was straightforward, but its execution was not! Once again, a newbie is floundering trying to figure out how a plugin work:evil:
After a half hour of reading and rereading the instructions and crashing the site for answers, I hit my good friend Google for answer. I was finally able to pull up POST TAG usage instructions from his orignal website that fully described who/what/when/where/why/how of the psngallery2 1.0 Why did he not include these instructions in updated versions:?:
Is it just assumed the same people are using his plugin and no one new would venture to try it out :evil:

Here are the post tags, if for nobody but my own sanity. Read the updated versions of the software for the latest tags that have been added and its usage will make much more sense to you now:!:

Developers and Programmers: PLEASE STOP ASSUMING YOU ARE WORKING WITH YOUR NORMAL CROWD. Let’s assume there are newbies out there and make these instructions a little more complete and in one place for every version.

DA Williams

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WordPress novice born

I can proudly say that I have finally graduated from a WordPress newbie to WP novice. I have just completed my first custom blog site conisting of:

  • custom header graphic
  • custom coloring
  • installation of coppermine and the plugin to infuse with the site
  • custom CSS tabs
  • Only took about 40 hours :oops:

    Of course writeups of all I did is forthcoming as I have some bones to pick with coders and programmers:mad:

    Oh… The site… it’s a work in progress so don’t be surprised if it does not survive the night…. go here

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    Tech Blog makes Wordlog

    It is good to know I am being read. Tech Blog’s writeup on WordPress Permalink formatting and WIMP got a reference in Wordlog. :lol: Thanks goes to Carthik and Wordlog.

    The reference can found :arrow: here.

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    Plugin added: Show Hide “more” with WordPress

    Scriptygoddess has what is suppose to be a no-brainer to contracting and expanding your post.

    NEWBIES: You will get lost on this one Continue reading…

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    Plugin added: wpPaginate

    The plugin by Scriptygoddess is designed to paginate your pages. It did take me about 10 minutes to figure out that in the < ?php wpPaginate(); ?> code I had to tell it how many posts I wanted per page :???: :

  • (ie: < ?php wpPaginate(4); ?>)
  • But once I got passed that, it was just a matter of where I wanted to place it on the site. :mrgreen:

    Read about and Download

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    Script added: PHP Contact Form Script

    Why reinvent the wheel when you don’t have to…. or can’t. Here is the script from YenlyMa.

    Read about and Download

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    WordPress Designs

    I have found that WordPress is a GREAT package. Easy to use and install. Easy to maintain. But I have found the main problem with WordPress for newbies…… FINDING GOOD DESIGNS TO DOWNLOAD! WP’ers keep their deisgns very tight to the hip so newbies are stuck with the basic crap designs.:evil:
    So I have been on a quest to find those rare WP-ers that have deisgns to offer us newbies. Here is my list thus far. You will find that it is a short list :cry:

    Alex King
    Weblog Tools Collection
    Neil Turner
    Binary Bonsai
    atthe404 - Gemini
    atthe404 - Trident
    McChris Though I have not ever been able to get these templates working on Wordpress 1.2. Anyone with luck with McChris-WordPress 1.2 please holla at a noob.

    I am off to customize. If you know of others that share, please…. drop a noob a line! :wink:

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    Chalk one for Palm

    Palm vs. Pocket PCIn my line of business, I have to support both Palm and Pocket PC PDA’s. I even own one of each. While each have their own set of features and pros/cons, the Palm has one major advantage over the Pocket PC…. data retention.

    When the Palm gets to the point where it is critical on battery, it will shutdown and not allow you to use it until you recharge it. This is to ensure that your data is retained and safe.

    Pocket PC uses a CMOS battery to help retain data in addition to its regular battery. This is suppose to safeguard against data loss due to a dead battery. However, time and again when the regular battery is low or dead, the CMOS battery VERY SHORTLY follows, resulting in the loss of all data on the Pocket PC. This is a major liability for Pocket PC and it must be addressed in future versions.

    Until then, I will live and die by Palm! :mrgreen:

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    Plugin Added: WP Grins

    This plugin by Alex King allows you to put clickable smilies on your post and comments forms. Can’t remember the right syntax for one of the smilies? Just click on it and it will be inserted right into your post/comment.

    Read and Download

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    Plugin added: Bistr-o-mathik Image Browser

    The plugin adds an “Insert Image” button to the the edit screen which opens an image browser in a popup window to select from all previously uploaded images and add the appropriate code to the post.

    Some of the features:

  • Display images as graphics for easy selection.
  • You can sort images by name or by date of last modification (normally this should be the time of upload) both ascending and descending. Default is to display the newest images first.
  • Automatically recognize thumbnails and – if you want it – link to the fullsized version.
  • Uses javascript to add the code to the post with one simple click.
  • You can choose between different ways how to include the file into your post. Also normal links are now available (e.g. for pdf’s) with reasonable presets for the different filetypes.

    Read about and Download

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    GDL for XBox - 2 years later, still a hit

    Gauntlet Dark Legacy I am not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination. But if you need a cheerleader, I am it!. However, I purchased my XBox in 2002 for Halo, which is still the best game on the planet! But in April 2002 a friend of mine introduced me to Gauntlet Dark Legacy. I for a non-gamer like myself, it was absolutely superb. Simplistic, unrealistic and funny. I invited my friend to the family’s summer vacation to Mirtle Beach in 2002. He packed up the XBox and GDL. Me, him, my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law played the whole vacation. Right after we returned from the vacation, I hooked my wife on the game.

    2 years laters, the game still runs strong at my house. Whenever me, my wife, my brother-in-law and sister-in-law are in one place together, GDL gets played. Luckily we don’t get to gather often or the game just might get tired ;)

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